The 8 Senses of the Body

September 27, 2016

all 8 senses

Using All of Our Senses We use our senses to tell us what is going on in our environment and the world every day. For most of us, being in busy, stimulating environments, like carnivals, malls, or schools, isn’t a challenge. However, many children are not able to process sensory information easily, especially if more than one of our senses is stimulated at the same time. Our sensory systems do many things for our brain and body, and when there is a miscommunication between the two, it can greatly affect a child’s ability to engage and interact with others. What…Read More

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What It’s Like to be a Child with Spina Bifida

September 26, 2016

Cheerful mother is teaching her male toddler to talk. She is holding him and sitting on flooring. The mom is looking at her child with love

As a society, and in our community, we often use the term “special needs” to describe people who are differently abled. The term encompasses people with a whole host of different disabilities and syndromes. It’s become an easily recognizable way to identify a certain group of people. But have you ever stopped to think of what the term really means? To have special needs is to have an extra set of requirements that, if met, will allow you to lead a relatively healthy, safe, and fulfilling life. What unique needs does a child with spina bifida have? To fully answer…Read More

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Create Your Own Family Medical Binder

September 21, 2016

Family Medical Binder

Create a Family Medical Binder Today! Life as a parent is a blessing often described as beautiful chaos. Any idea, tip, or trick to add simplicity to the mission of parenthood is welcomed by most with open arms. Epic Health Services believes caring for our patients includes caring for the entire family. We feel that creating a family medical binder is a game changer in enhancing your family’s health care and your parental sanity. Let’s get started First, you need to decide if you’re going to keep a hard copy binder or if you’re going digital/paperless with your files. Both…Read More

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Cyberbullying and Children with Special Needs: What Parents Need to Know

September 19, 2016


Cyberbullying and Children with Special Needs: What Parents Need to Know In the past few decades, computers, phones, cars, and medical technologies have become incredibly advanced. These technologies are often used to help people, connect the world, and save lives. However, no major leap forward is without its downsides. With the rise of technology in our everyday lives, we have also seen the emergence of cyberbullying. Long gone are the days in which bullies only tormented their victims in the halls of a school. Now, children and teens face bullying online and in texts. Children with special needs are particularly…Read More

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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September 16, 2016


Childhood obesity is a complex and serious medical issue that is currently affecting 17% of children 2-19 years old. It occurs when a child is significantly above (>95th percentile) the average weight range for the child’s age and height.  Obesity significantly increases the risk for both physical and psychological health issues. It is caused by a combination of genetics and behavioral factors. Consequences The fact that 1 in 6 adolescents are categorized as obese is alarming in itself, but the issues associated with this may be of even more concern: Increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) due to high blood…Read More

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Recycling Leftover Medical Supplies

September 16, 2016

Medical Supplies

So you have enough leftover medical supplies to start your own distribution center—Bags, IV poles, syringes, button packs, extension sets…and enough formula to turn your two-car garage into a onesie!  You can’t help but think, “This is such a waste! Surely someone could benefit from these supplies.” You are absolutely right! Let’s look at two excellent organization for donating supplies—The Oley Foundation, and Project C.U.R.E. The Oley Foundation The Oley Foundation’s mission statement is “…to connect families in need of enteral formula, pumps, tubing, and other supplies with families who have supplies to donate…” The folks at Oley have designed…Read More

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Ann George – Staff Superstar

September 16, 2016

Ann George - Epic Employee Superstar

We are happy to announce our recent Epic Staff Superstar, Ann George! Ann started working with Epic in 2010, and has made a tremendous impression on many of her patients in the Waltham area. A major reason Ann is being nominated is her dedication to each of her patients. Most of her patients are ages of 30 years and up, and have had their fair share of nurses. So when they boast to us that Ann “is the nicest nurse that they’ve ever had,” we take notice. One patient has given Ann the nickname “Nurse of the Year!” “Things like…Read More

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How to Talk to Your Children About Their Sibling’s Hydrocephalus

September 14, 2016

Hydrocephalus Awareness Month

How to Talk to Your Children About Their Sibling’s Hydrocephalus For every 500-1,000 babies born in the Unites States, one will have hydrocephalus. It is one of the most common birth defects, and it can develop later in life. In fact, over one million people in this country are living with hydrocephalus. However, when it’s your child who is diagnosed with “water on the brain,” it’s so much more than a statistic. It’s your new reality. After the diagnosis, you may be overwhelmed with questions. You may think, “What does this mean for my child’s development? What is the surgery…Read More

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Newborn Screenings 101

September 12, 2016

Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening 101: History and Key Facts In the hours immediately following birth, new parents face what may seem like an endless stream of doctors, nurses, consultants, and other medical professionals who are there to ensure the child’s health and well-being. Amidst the chaos, wonder, and magic of the post-delivery days, new parents will meet a few medical professionals who will perform life-saving newborn screenings. To understand why these simple screenings matter so much, it’s important to look at the history of newborn screenings, what babies are being tested for, and what the procedures are. With a fuller understanding, it’s…Read More

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Using Data to Improve Development

September 8, 2016

Washing Hands

Johnny’s Hands are Always Dirty: Why Data Matters You are trying to teach Johnny how to wash his hands, but every time you tell him to wash his hands, he ends up with wet hands that are still dirty. What do you do? Do you know which steps Johnny is missing when he tries to wash his hands? Do you know what to change to help him wash his hands correctly? When asking the question, “How can data help?” this story is a perfect example. If we are trying to teach Johnny to wash his hands, but he is just…Read More

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