September 26, 2014

fall-proof-tips-healthy-agingDid you know that more than one in three people over age 65 fall each year?

The risk for falling rises with age, and over half of all falls happen at home while a person is doing normal daily activities.

To help keep you and your loved ones safe, we’re sharing these simple tips from the National Institute of Health to fall-proof your home this season.

  • Remove items from floors, stairs, hallways and pathways that may cause you to trip or slip while walking.
  • Arrange furniture to give you plenty of room to walk freely.
  • Rearrange often-used items in your home to make them more accessible.
  • Ensure that carpets are secured to the floor and stairs.
  • Use double-sided tape to attach throw rugs to the floor.
  • Apply non-slip strips to floors and steps.
  • Install grab bars in your tub, shower and next to the toilet.
  • Avoid going outside alone during weather that involves ice or snow.
  • Ensure you have adequate lighting throughout your home and outdoors.
  • Install handrails on both sides of stairs and walkways.

Getting regular exercise, removing hazards from your home and having your medications and healthcare issues reviewed regularly can reduce your risk of falling and help you stay mobile and independent.

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