5 Reasons Special Education Teachers are Heroes

December 2, 2016

Super hero

When you think of a superhero, what do you picture? Do you see a cape, mask, and superpowers? How about a secret identity and a sidekick?  While they make movies about these fictional, albeit awesome, superheroes, there are real heroes walking among us. Who are these incredible people working to make a difference in their communities? Special education teachers. If you’re feeling skeptical, let Epic prove it to you with our list of five reasons that special educations teachers are real-life heroes: 1) They Can Read Minds Special education teachers are intuitive. Because some children with special needs have difficulty…Read More

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How to Identify and Remove Head Lice

December 2, 2016


With winter approaching we come to a time where children are sharing hats, scarfs, earmuffs, etc. This is a prime season for the spreading of head lice. If you happen to find head lice on yourself or your child, there’s no need to fear! Lice are easily treatable and it’s best to act quickly. How to Identify Lice While lice are visible to the human eye, they can be difficult to spot. They usually avoid the light and move quickly to avoid detection. Scan for them on the scalp and attached to the individual strands of hair. “They’re easiest to…Read More

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William Messer – Epic Patient Superstar

November 30, 2016

William superstar

Like most two-year-old kids, William “Will” Messer has tons of spunk, a strong will, and a silly attitude. Will loves looking at pictures in books. He wears himself out by playing with toy trucks and cars. At the end of all that playing, he loves to snuggle up to his mom. He’s a typical two-year-old boy in many ways, except one. Will happens to have been born with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome. For many kids with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome, the diagnosis means many medical issues. However, Will has overcome all the obstacles life has thrown his way to becoming…Read More

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4 Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2016


For parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Thanksgiving is an often stressful holiday. Challenges include the frequent bombardment of stimuli, especially at malls and shopping centers, the dual stresses of food aversions and unfamiliar locations or situations, and the change in routine that comes with Thanksgiving. Below are some suggestions for getting through Turkey Day with your sanity intact. Tip #1: Prepare Food if Necessary If your child has mild food aversions (they have at least 20 foods they will eat), pack/provide one or two foods that you know your child will eat, but encourage them to look…Read More

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Food Allergies FAQ: What You Need to Know

November 22, 2016

Food Allergies

What Parents Need to Know About Food Allergies One in every 13 children will develop a food allergy, and that number is on the rise. While the cause of the increase is unknown, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that the number of food allergies in children rose a full 50% between 1997 and 2011. While these figures are understandably alarming, concerned parents can help protect their children by understanding more about food allergies. What are the Symptoms of Food Allergies? Food allergies can affect the skin, breathing, and digestive system. Skin: Rash that is red…Read More

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Creed – Epic Patient Superstar

November 22, 2016


There are only a few moments in each person’s life when the world stands still. For those brief instances nothing else matters, and for Melanie and Thomas Oellig, one such moment came on September 4, 2014. Weighing 5 pounds and 12 ounces, Creed made his grand introduction into the world. After what had been a difficult pregnancy resulting in the miscarriage of one child, Melanie and Thomas welcomed their small bundle of joy. Born with a condition called Hydranencephaly resulting in deterioration of the brain, he was surrounded by the love and care of his family. Epic came into the…Read More

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30 Days of Positivity Challenge

November 21, 2016


It’s almost December, and we’re already starting to feel the holiday cheer! Epic Health Services believes now is the perfect time to spread a little positivity. That’s why we’ve decided to create a 30 Days of Positivity Challenge. Join us and make yourself, your family, and your community a little happier. How does it work? It’s simply really. Starting December 1st, accomplish one of the following good will tasks each day for 30 days until all have been done and watch the joy spread. Positivity Tips: Compliment a stranger. Write and send a “Thank You” note. Write down ten things…Read More

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Thanksgiving Tips for Children with Feeding Tubes

November 19, 2016

Thanksgiving family activities

The New Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the beginning of the mad dash through the holiday season and for most of us, this is a special time of the year to spend with friends, family and co-workers celebrating; which usually includes eating and drinking your favorite holiday goodies. Now if you have a child or loved one who’s on tube feeding and not able to enjoy the traditional fair, you may be asking yourself, “Should we celebrate a different way this year or just cancel it all together?” The holiday season is meant to reconnect with friends and families and if you…Read More

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The FAQ About 22Q: What is it?

November 14, 2016


22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, or 22Q, is a complex chromosomal abnormality that is relatively unheard of in the general public. 22Q Awareness Month, which is November, aims to change this by shedding light onto the syndrome. To do our part in educating the public, here are answers to 8 common questions about 22Q: What causes 22Q? 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome occurs when one small part of chromosome 22 is missing. What are the symptoms and effects of 22Q? The small missing piece of chromosome 22 can cause nearly 200 different health and developmental issues. The issues can include breathing problems, developmental delays,…Read More

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Epic Staff Superstars: Veteran Edition

November 10, 2016


Throughout the week Epic is recognizing our employees who served in the United States armed forces. Lisa Bocanegra We are happy to announce our recent Epic Staff Superstar, Lisa Bocanegra! Lisa started working with Epic in 2012 and has made a tremendous impression on many of her patients and coworkers. One of the many reasons that Epic supports and encourages our nation’s veterans to work for Epic is because of their work ethic. There’s an earned sense of duty and commitment that is hard to find elsewhere. Lisa Bocanegra, Nursing Director in Olmito, TX, brings that very sense of commitment…Read More

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