Summer Activities for Special Needs Families

June 27, 2018

Its summer, it’s hot, and school is out. What are you doing with your family to make the most of these sunny months together? A few moms of kids with special needs graciously divulged their favorite summertime activities that their whole family enjoys. Take their suggestions and join up with other local families for countless good times ahead. Adaptive sports Thankfully our world is adapting and there is a growing number of options available for sports and other fun, coordinated, and coached activities for kids with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. A quick search on the internet for “adaptive sports” will…Read More

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The Art of Hosting a Special Needs Playdate

May 30, 2018

Social skills and relationships are essential to raising healthy and well-rounded kiddos. This is a challenge for all parents, but it can be exponentially harder for parents of children with special needs. We’ve heard from a few of our special mamas and they’ve all recommended the same thing – take the lead! If your child isn’t having the social opportunities you all desire, then create them. Let us help you master the art of hosting a special needs play date. Who should you invite to the playdate? If your child doesn’t have a natural group of friends, start your invitation…Read More

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To the Mama of a Special Needs Family

April 25, 2018

special needs

To the mama of a special needs family, we’d like to celebrate you today. Your children adore you and we’d like to join them communicating their love and appreciation this Mother’s Day. Your relationship with your child is a true treasure, and they know this. No matter what special needs your child may face, you are the light of your child’s life. Motherhood is call like none other and each journey looks so different. It probably looks much different than you envisioned – I think it does for us all. A popular mommy blogger, Amy Weatherly, once wrote a post…Read More

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Mom-to-mom: Fun Ways to Communicate Love this Valentine’s Day

January 26, 2018


Welcome back to our Mom-to-Mom blog series. We use our blog, and particularly this series, as a platform to let mothers share their favorite tips and tricks to help our families thrive. We know the journey isn’t easy, but together we can champion this calling of motherhood no matter what circumstances our children face. Today, we want to help your family by sharing fun ways we can communicate love this Valentine’s Day and beyond. Your first reaction may be that it’s obvious to our children know how much we love them, right? Hopefully that’s true in your home, but it’s…Read More

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Jonathan’s Landscape: Skills for Work Place Self-Advocacy

January 15, 2018

Jonathan's Landscape

Self-advocacy is the ability and willingness to speak up for yourself to get what you need to be successful in a particular environment. A good self-advocate makes use of several skills, among them self-awareness, good communication, and leadership. In this article we talk about how to develop these skills for effective self-advocacy. A good way to develop self-advocacy is being aware of what areas of work you are good at, your goals, and also what is required of you at your job. An example of a long-term goal is a desire to get a promotion. Suppose you enjoy motivational speaking,…Read More

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Jonathan’s Landscape: Making the Roommate Experience a Positive One

January 5, 2018

Jonathan Stewart is an Epic Health Services employee who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Jonathan uses art as a means of expression and therapy. Jonathan hopes that his contributions will encourage patients to believe in themselves and strive for their dreams – just like he is doing every day! In every walk of life we often come across a circumstance where working with others is an important part of the situation. Jonathan is here to discuss his experiences when working with others and everything he has been through and give his advice on tackling this obstacle. There are both…Read More

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