February 28, 2017

community serviceCommunity Service: A Family Activity

Working together in the service of others can be an amazing way to bond as a family. Community service projects can help to teach your children about humility and kindness. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find time for these activities amidst the hustle and bustle of family life.

The key is to choose a project and commit to it. Put it in your calendar like any other important appointment. When the time comes, you’ll be glad your family committed to spending time together in service of others. Here are a few projects you can try:

Keep Seniors Company

Unfortunately, seniors in nursing homes can get lonely. This can be especially true around the holidays, when family may spend their time elsewhere. Luckily, your family can help.

Call your local nursing home and see what your family can do. It can be as simple as paying regular visits to offer company. Your family can also make Valentine’s, holiday, or other greeting cards for the seniors. Sometimes, a little compassion and company is all they need.

Lemonade that Matters

Lemonade stands are fun for children and teach them about business. There’s a way to make them even better! Have your family choose a cause to donate the money to.

Make sure to put up a sign that tells potential customers what the lemonade stand benefits. After the lemonade is gone, go as a family to donate your funds.

Donate Clothes

Kids grow out of clothes so quickly. Don’t throw those old clothes away. Get together as a family to gather all the unused clothes and other items to be donated. Then, take the donations to a family shelter, charity store, or refugee donation center.

On the way home from donating, you can talk about all the ways their unused items will benefit children in need. Talk about the benefits of doing good and helping others.

Work with Animals

Call your local shelter and schedule some time to volunteer with them. Your family can play with the dogs, take them for walks, and even help groom them. Don’t forget that the cats might need some cuddling too.

Time with animals can be extremely beneficial for children too. If you volunteer often, your family can receive all the benefits of having a pet without some of the troubles. Plus, your family can learn how great it feels to love an animal!

Help a Neighbor

Community service projects can be kept close to home. If you have an elderly or disabled neighbor, find a way to help them out. Perhaps they need someone to rake their leaves or pull their weeds.

If physical labor isn’t right for your family, you can still help. Some neighbors may just need a house sitter or someone to keep them company from time to time. Keeping service close to home can build and strengthen your community.

No matter what kind of service your family does, it’s important to talk about it before, during, and after. Having open discussion about what makes community service great can help foster a helpful spirit in your children.