January 29, 2016

child literacyGoing above and beyond to help patients and their families is the Epic way; Lacey Grant and her North Texas clinics and branches are no exception to this standard. As a children’s author, Lacey is passionate about child literacy and understands the role it plays in mental development and its potential therapeutic benefits for children with reading or conversational delays.

As an effort to support her patients, Lacey decided to create a program to collect a brand new book for each of the 700+ children in the local branches. Enlisting the help of her generous coworkers, Lacey was able to surpass the goal and collect over 900 books; local Epic team members donated their weekend to individually wrap each book as a special gift for every child. Individual branches held Christmas parties to present the books to the children. child literacyGames, snacks, and holiday pictures were taken to celebrate. In Fort Worth, even Santa Claus made an appearance to visit the children.

Not only were children given the books, but coaching sessions were held for parents in order to teach techniques to use reading with their child to promote therapeutic speech and comprehension skills by licensed Speech and Language Pathologists.

Along with Lacey, Magdalene Lima, Christine Miller, Martha Gallegos, Marilu Paulson, and Amy Newcomer contributed significantly to making this a successful event for our Epic children. child literacyBecause of the dedication and generosity of these incredible women, hundreds of children were able to receive the priceless gift of literacy and compassion.

At Epic, our team members are continually seeking ways to promote thriving lifestyles for our patients and their families. We couldn’t be more proud of the women of North Texas and the selfless work they did to create this holiday event for our children!