January 5, 2018

Jonathan's LandscapeJonathan Stewart is an Epic Health Services employee who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Jonathan uses art as a means of expression and therapy. Jonathan hopes that his contributions will encourage patients to believe in themselves and strive for their dreams – just like he is doing every day!

In every walk of life we often come across a circumstance where working with others is an important part of the situation. Jonathan is here to discuss his experiences when working with others and everything he has been through and give his advice on tackling this obstacle.

There are both ups and downs to having a roommate. Sometimes getting along with roommates can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for making the experience a positive one.

First, look for roommates that you have something in common with and enjoy being around. For instance, look for someone who has personality traits that you admire. An example of this would be someone who is both kind and friendly to you and to others. Also, look for people who share your interests, whether it’s following the same sports team, listening to the same kind of music, or watching the same news station on TV.

Secondly, respect your roommate’s privacy and be considerate of their views, ideas, and personal space. To respect our roommate’s personal space means that we must not get too close to them physically, but rather, in general, try to stay about an arms’ length away. We should also respect their ideas and views, even when they may not be the same as ours.

Lastly, handle conflicts with calm discussion and understanding, and be open to compromise. If we have a problem come up with our roommate, the best thing is to politely ask them what the problem is and if they want to discuss it. If they do discuss it, we need to listen to their side of things with an open mind, and if appropriate, consider what we can do to improve the situation. If they don’t want to discuss it, then we need to understand and not bring it up again until they feel comfortable with discussing it.

Overall, finding roommates with whom we have things in common, and respecting their views and ideas, makes sharing space with a roommate more enjoyable. Another key to having a good experience is handling conflicts with calm discussions and understanding. Lastly, as long we are nice to each other and we get along, we will find good roommates and have a great roommate experience.