February 3, 2012

news-tribute-to-families-home-health-care-texas-02-2012 Earlier this week, I was speaking with one of our Regional Directors and he mentioned that a client had passed away. He said that the family was doing pretty well and seemed to have a good perspective on things. As the mother of two, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to lose a child.

We discussed the unwavering strength, joy, love, and devotion we see in our Epic families, despite the challenges they face. While each child’s condition is different, every family is dedicated to doing everything humanly possible to ensure that their child lives life to its full potential. Our parents/caregivers are committed to giving news-tribute-to-families-02-2012their child the best possible quality of life, with never-ending love, hope, care and comfort.

While doctors know the statistical prognosis associated with a child’s medical condition, parents know that statistics are sometimes wrong. Our families move forward, one day at a time, fighting every obstacle, while never losing hope that their child will beat the odds. While I don’t know how each child’s story will unfold, one thing I know for sure: our families are made up of parents/caregivers and children that have an amazing spirit and capacity for love and they make the world a better place each and every day. Our families find joy in the simple things, appreciate each new day and fight for those they love. That is more than some people, who are in perfect health, accomplish in a lifetime. We can all learn from our Epic families.