June 20, 2012

news-nurse-home-health-care-texas-houston-06-2012Here at our home in the southernmost office in the Houston region, we rejoice with our nurses and families’ delights and sympathize during their times of sorrow. We pride ourselves in recognizing the triumphs achieved through our nurse’s hard work and dedication. Recently, I sat down with one of our nurses that has displayed these attributes and so much more.

Interviewer: Janette Mancha, CSC

Janette: How long have you been with the Epic team and what are some of the key things that you have learned while working for us?

Alma: I have been with the Epic team for about six months. Working for you has been more than I expected. Working with kids is completely different. Their personality is amazing. When you least expect it, they make you smile and it makes your day. My patient wasn’t very vocal and now she makes noises of recognition when she sees me. She recognizes me which is amazing!

Janette: How is your relationship with the parents of your patient?

Alma: It is very comfortable. There is good communication between mom, dad and myself, which is key. When they have a question they trust my professional opinion which is such a great feeling. I feel more confident in what I’m doing.

Janette: What have you learned from your patient?

Alma: The most important thing I’ve learned is how you may do one thing and might not think it makes any difference when in reality, it actually makes a big difference in the world.

Janette: Tell me one of your most memorable experiences with your patient.

Alma: My patient was just baptized, and it was such a memorable experience. Both her parents were there, her siblings, and the priest went to their house to baptize her. He used holy water from the Jordan River which was really amazing and it was such an emotional experience”¦ it’s like she knew.

Janette: How have we been treating you? Is there anything we can do to make your work experience better?

Alma: Y’all are great! It’s like a family here. Everyone is looking after each other and I love everyone who works at the office. It’s been a really great experience.