July 25, 2017

summertime funIt’s July, it’s hot, and it’s likely that you’re trying to find fun ways to spend your summertime days with your children. Don’t let their special needs hold you back from sharing your favorite summer activities. We’ve compiled summertime bucket list to help you keep the good times rolling this season.

Summertime eats and treats are a delicious way to bond with your child. Watermelon, popsicles, slushies, and more – now is a great time to introduce your kids to your favorite hot weather food and beverages. If your kids have dietary restrictions, there are countless online resources like the ShopWell mobile phone app to help you be informed and find tasty alternatives.

Porches, patios, and campsites can be easy and fun changes of scenery to help you guys enjoy the nice weather. Early morning visits will provide more moderate temperatures and most likely less of a crowd so you can play games, enjoy a meal, read, or complete an artistic activity in the great outdoors.

Water parks are a top summer attraction for kids of all ages. Mental or physical disabilities don’t have to hold you back from participating. Check with your local water park for their specific adaptions to meet your needs. If you’re willing to travel, the first water park designed for kids with disabilities, Morgan’s Inspiration Island, just opened this month in San Antonio, Texas!

Speaking of travel, use this summer get out of the house and show your kids something new in the world. Whether it is just a day trip or an overnight stay, you and your child can build memories to last a lifetime. Kids are always excited about a new adventure. Check out one of our earlier blogs on summer travel ideas for kids with special needs.

Community activities can be a blast for you and your child to get involved with. Small concerts, carnivals, and festivals will be advertised in your city’s local newspaper or news website. Often times these news sources highlight family-friendly and even free events. There is so much fun to be had just outside your home.

We wish you and your family a safe and fun summer. Enjoy these suggestions and most of all, enjoy making memories with your children. They grow up quick!