February 14, 2017

45949137_alex_superstar.docxFor Alex, “childhood challenges” had an entirely different meaning than it does for most children. Born with a gene defect that left his left eye turned inwards, Alex had to undergo two eye surgeries before the age of five, in addition to various other developmental issues with his fingers, hands, and speech. It did not take long for Alex’s grandmother to realize she needed to find some professional assistance. Fortunately, Epic was there to help!

Since joining the Epic family in 2015, Alex has experienced significant progress that has inspired us all. His accomplishments, from big to small, are truly extraordinary. Our therapists have been instrumental in helping him realize these accomplishments.

Completing the Circle

The simple act of drawing a circle and filling it in with color was a milestone accomplishment for Alex, according to his grandmother, Terri. Deceptively simple, this action is huge for a child who formerly struggled to even hold a pencil!

Tiffany, Alex’s occupational therapist, noticed right away that the thing they need to tackle was having him feel comfortable with the pencil in his hand. She started by breaking the pencil in half, making the transition to holding a full-sized pencil much easier.  Terri has been truly impressed with the creative problem-solving from the Lubbock Therapy team. “It’s amazing how smart these young women are. They are taking this position with the utmost seriousness.”

People used to have trouble reading his handwriting. Now, his work has been featured both on the home refrigerator and in front of his class at school!

Developing New Hobbies

One thing many people don’t know about Alex is that he is the ultimate football fan! He may not be currently playing, but he’s a true fan nonetheless.

Everyone has to start their athletic journey somewhere, and Alex has started his with swimming lessons. His dedication to improving has carried him to become an incredible swimmer. Way to go Alex!

Another notable achievement is his recent exploration through guitar lessons. Learning an instrument is difficult for almost every child. However, given his early childhood setbacks, Alex has become a shining example that you can truly overcome any obstacle.

Alex’s grandmother has been impressed with him and his support team at Epic. “We sure do have some keepers in therapy in Lubbock, Texas!”