April 20, 2012

news-san-antonio-stair-climb-1-2012 Earlier this year, members of Epic’s San Antonio office turned out to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) by participating in the Tower Climb and Run Fundraising Event. All non-profit organizations know that enthusiastic — and in this case, athletic — volunteers are the key to success.

news-san-antonio-stair-climk-2-2012WOW – lots of climbing ahead!

In thanking the many volunteers who turned out for the Tower Climb, the Lone Star Chapter of the CFF stated on their website “You are all champions and now have special bragging rights to the most unique athletic challenge in San Antonio! You all braved the 952 steps of the Tower of the Americas and WON!”

news-san-antonio-stair-climb-3-2012We would like to thank our Epic Champions who tirelessly made the Tower Climb and proved victorious! As you can tell from the picture on the right, climbing a circular staircase of more than 900 steps was no easy feat. But as is always the case, our San Antonio team was willing to do “whatever it took” to meet their goal. Luckily for our San Antonio team, the next CFF fundraiser was just a little bit easier: participating in Uncork For the Cure, featuring great food prepared by San Antonio’s Top Chefs, specialty beers and tequila, food tasting and live music. Cheers to our San Antonio Team!