April 13, 2017

At Epic, nurses’ responsibilities are the farthest thing from simple. To know that the level of care you provide controls a child’s life and health is an enormous responsibility. Since joining the Epic Health Services team Antoinette Viana has been an amazing, hard working, care provider for our kiddos. We are thrilled to announce Antoinette Viana is this week’s Epic Staff Superstar!

Antoinette joined Epic on November 2nd, 2012, since then she has become one of the most knowledgeable and experienced registered nurses Epic is lucky to have.  While spending time with fellow co-workers and different members of the Epic family, Antoinette has built a reputation on her ability to spread positivity to all that are around her. These characteristics have continuously won over the hearts of her patients and their families.

Co-workers describe Antoinette as a strong and consistent nurse who values the meaning of true friendship and a hard day’s work. “I enjoyed working a case with Antoinette. She is the kind of nurse that has always provided extraordinary care. She could be tired, stressed, or overwhelmed, but her level of care never wavered. She went above and beyond for every patient she cared for,” said colleague Lori Wilson.  It doesn’t take long to see Antoinette’s genuine love for her patients and her job!

When Antoinette is not at work she spends her downtime by doing some gardening, swimming and preparing savory meals. Epic is honored to have such a well-rounded, dedicated, and experienced leader on our team. We want to recognize and thank Antoinette for everything she does to improve the lives of others.