August 10, 2017

special educationIt’s almost time to head back to the classroom! Our students, and their parents, are very excited for the new school year and probably a little anxious, too. A group of Special Education teachers recently told Epic about the most common issues and questions they face each school year. Take it from the teachers – here’s part 1 of what you should know before you send your child back to school.

  • Backpacks
    Backpacks are essential for helping your student throughout their day and size does matter. Please make sure your student’s backpack is large enough to comfortably hold multiple standard sized folders (at least 10″ wide by 12″ tall) and several additional items. Their teachers will frequently send important papers, including their IEP and other legal documents, home with your student in these folders.
  • Reduce Screen Time
    While summer has been a blast and most have probably enjoyed some extra time playing on their smart devices, the teachers need you to start reducing students’ screen time exposure for several reasons. First, all students need improvement with their verbal communication skills and the best way to accomplish this is to verbally communicate with you. Weaning them off excessive screen time now will also help them in the classroom when they’re expected to learn through the day with minimal access to these devices.
  • Sleep Schedule
    Now is the perfect time to get your child back on a school year schedule and adjust their bedtime accordingly. Sleep deprivation due to staying up late like they did over the summer, and rising early to make it to school only make for an exhausted, unfocused student. Help your child reach their full potential by ensuring they get adequate sleep this school year.
  • Meet the Teacher
    Did you know that you can arrange a private “meet the teacher” appointment for you and your student? This can reduce your child’s anxiety about all the newness coming their way, and they don’t have to be in a group setting while getting used to all the changes. This private setting is ideal for discussing any allergies, medications, and special attention your child will need. It is very helpful if you provide the teacher with a typed list of your child’s allergies and the other details you need them to be aware of. Going the extra mile of printing and laminating your list will be very much appreciated by the teacher and give you a sense of relief knowing your child’s needs were clearly communicated.

These are all tips and ideas you can get started on today. School is just around the corner, and we’re here to help you and your student start on the right foot. Stay tuned for the next set of back to school tips!