August 24, 2015

autism-back-to-schoolThe days are getting slightly shorter and rows of folders and backpacks fill the stores.  It’s back to school time, an exciting and sometimes overwhelming season for students and their parents.  Heading back to class can be stressful for anyone but the change of routine that comes following summer break can be especially stressful for a child on the autism spectrum. has these tips to help parents and kids get into a school routine:

  • Begin waking your child up earlier each morning in the days leading up to the first day of school.
  • Contact the school to see if your child can meet the teacher and see the classroom before the semester begins.
  • Buy school supplies in advance and allow your child to get used to them prior to the first day.
  • Do the same for school clothes, uniforms and shoes.
  • Color code notebooks and other items.

Parents should also make sure things are in order before the first bell rings. Have all medical and emergency contact information together and allow extra time the first week of school to settle into the new routine.

The structured schedule of school can actually be helpful for children on the autism spectrum and, with a little preparation, this can be an exciting time of year for both you and your growing child.

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