August 11, 2015

Where To Look for Behavioral Health and Autism Services in New Jersey


School is about to begin in New Jersey and the start of a new semester can bring a whole host of challenges for a child diagnosed with autism or developmental disabilities. The trained, experienced staff at Epic Health Services can help and there are offices across the state.

Epic’s behavioral health and autism services focus on developing and maximizing each child’s individual potential. Our staff also works with parents, caregivers, teachers and family members to help support the child’s progress. Our behavioral health and autism services for children can provide help with varying educational and medical diagnoses including autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, developmental and learning disabilities.

Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and therapy staff work with children using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to reduce problematic or challenging behaviors and increase a child’s acquisition of new skills. The Epic team works directly with the child and family to address everything from language and communication to play, leisure and social skills.

Epic’s behavioral health and autism services include:

  • Experienced, credentialed BCBAs
  • 40 hours of face-to-face training for all behavior aides
  • On site clinical oversight by a BCBA

No matter where you are in the Garden State there’s an Epic Health Services office near you. From Cherry Hill to East Rutherford, we can provide you and your child with the services your family needs. Contact us today to get started!