February 7, 2012

news-care-coordination-home-health-care-02-2012Normally, we don’t share our employees’ accomplishments via our blog. However, in this case, we’re going to make an exception! Epic’s physical therapist, Caitlin McSpadden, is enrolled in in a doctorate program. Caitlin wrote her final paper on care coordination for children with special healthcare needs. One of Caitlin’s classmates, Mari, wrote her final paper on physical therapy and care coordination. At the suggestion of their professor, the two combined their ideas and wrote an article which was published in the Pediatric Physical Therapy Journal.

Working with special needs and medically fragile children, Caitlin has seen, firsthand, how families have to constantly juggle appointments with multiple doctors, therapists, nurses, nutritionists, and other providers while caring for their families and working outside the home. Caitlin and her classmate feel that better communication among providers would result in an improved quality of care and reduce the burden of care coordination that falls on the families. Hopefully, an understanding of — and commitment to – care coordination will soon be more commonplace among healthcare providers. To see Caitlin and Mari’s tips and suggestions for improving care coordination, check out our Facebook post tomorrow.