January 27, 2014

news-mvp-caregiver-therapy-tyler-texas-adult-pediatric-home-health-care-occupational-physical-medical-nutrition-behavioral-healthHelping children and adults become more independent and improve their skills truly takes a team effort. And the most valuable player (MVP) of that team is the caregiver.

Why? Although therapists know what to do and can create an individualized treatment plan for each client, it is the caregiver who can bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

Think about it. There are 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week – that’s 168 hours a week. If your loved one receives two therapy treatments per week, the actual time spent targeting goals in a therapy session is small compared to the amount of time spent at home or school.

This is why caregivers are so important to the therapy process. They can help and encourage their loved ones to practice what they learn during the actual therapy sessions, and apply the new skills and techniques to their everyday lives.

The caregiver also provides the therapist with valuable information about how the client is progressing at home and if the goals are truly being reached.

As therapists, we remain committed to helping each client achieve a greater function – this may come in the form of increased mobility, improved feeding skills, increased communication and so on.

And as caregivers, we want you to feel involved, empowered and excited about the progress that your loved ones are making toward reaching their therapy goals.

We hope you will join us on team therapy!

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