Ana Ramirez-Fogg – Epic Superstar

April 17, 2017


  Looking past the obstacles life places in your path and focusing on the parts of your life which bring you joy is where we receive our sense of strength. For Corrinne Frog this strength and joy comes from her daughter Ana. Ana was born with a rare syndrome called Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS). Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome is a genetic condition that affects your body’s growth, development, physical characteristics and causes seizures. This is caused by a missing piece of genetic material in one of our chromosomes. She was diagnosed with this syndrome within five days of being born and placed in…Read More

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Gillian Deans – Epic Superstar

April 10, 2017

Gillian Deans

Gillian Deans is an extraordinary young lady with a beautiful story to tell. Born 7 weeks premature, Gillian met the world with many health obstacles including only half of a brain and the diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, and chronic respiratory failure. Doctors informed Gillian’s family that the likelihood of her surviving past her first birthday was very slim due to her health concerns. Gillian started receiving care from Epic Health Services in 2008. Today Gillian is able to be home, instead of extended stays in the hospital, while still receiving excellent care from her Epic clinical team. Shola and…Read More

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Jackalyn “Jazzy” Whitney – Epic Patient Superstar

April 7, 2017

Jackalyn superstar

Happy, sweet, and determined paint a picture our latest Epic Patient Superstar. Jackalyn “Jazzy Lulu” Whitney is a precious two year old “who was born knocking on Heaven’s door,” says Jazzy’s mother Mitzi Whitney. Jazzy arrived 6 weeks premature, weighing in at just 3 pounds, 7 ounces, with a very tiny left lung and an almost non-existent right lung due to a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. At just 2 days old, Jazzy underwent surgery on this hernia to help with several life-threatening medical conditions including pulmonary hypertension and having only 60 percent of her diaphragm intact! Jazzy came home from the…Read More

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Aidan Klinkenberg – Epic Superstar

March 29, 2017


Aidan is a sweet young boy who Epic is proud to name as our next Epic Superstar! Born as a micro-preemie (an extremely premature baby) with a low life expectancy, Aidan has defied the odds since birth. Among other diagnoses, Aidan has been diagnosed with mild CP, low muscle tone, Benign epilepsy, sleep apnea, and is also G-Tube dependent. Aidan came on service with Epic Medical Solutions in May of 2016 and has thrived ever since! When he first started with Epic, Aidan was completely dependent on Miralax, in combination with a variety of other formulas. Unfortunately Aidan’s body did…Read More

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Joaquin Camacho – Epic Superstar

March 22, 2017

Meet Joaquin! A member of the Epic Health Services family since 2014, Joaquin Camacho receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy from our Epic Pediatric Therapy team in Dallas. Diagnosed with a psychological development disorder, a conduct disorder and mixed receptive-expressive language disorder, Joaquin has spent many hours with our therapists to work through some of the diagnosis related challenges. According to Joaquin’s mother, Reyna Mendoza, Joaquin could not speak before coming to Epic. This was a huge obstacle for them – successfully communicating impacts every detail of their lives. She is so proud of him for learning his numbers, colors,…Read More

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Knatalye and Adeline Mata – Epic Patient Superstar

February 24, 2017

mata twins 1

There is no limit to the strength found in the heart of a child, and this week’s Epic Patient Superstars are perfect examples of just how strong two little girls can be. At just 10 months old, formerly conjoined twins, Knatalye and Adeline Mata, faced a life-changing procedure. A team of surgeons successfully separated the young girls on February 17th, 2015. Their miraculous progress makes us grateful and proud that they’ve chosen to let Epic be a part of their remarkable journey. Before their separation procedure, the medical staff discussed the challenges of the procedure as well as the rarity…Read More

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Ashon Dussett – Epic Superstar

February 20, 2017

As a preemie, born at 25 weeks gestation, the odds were stacked against Ashon Dussett. He was born with multiple breathing and heart problems, and spent the first 11 months of his life in the hospital. His official diagnoses are so numerous and complex that his family knew he would need full-time support. Ashon joined the Epic Health Services’ family in 2005, receiving a full 168 hours of care per week. When he made his first trip home from the hospital, Suzanne, an Epic nurse, was already there waiting for him. After 11 years, this same nurse has never left…Read More

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Jayden Halbleib – Epic Superstar

January 3, 2017


Learning to walk and talk is no small feat for anyone. Learning these functions twice is a superstar accomplishment that requires perseverance and grit. For triumphantly tackling this task, Epic is thrilled to honor Jayden Halbleib as our latest Epic Patient Superstar. Jayden is an adventurous and loving 6-year-old boy who is in recovery after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). He joined the Epic family three years ago and has made incredible strides toward recovery ever since. As per his mother, this great child has begun learning to walk and talk again. Recently, Jayden even had his tracheostomy and g-tube removed….Read More

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Patrick “Drew” Bruner – Epic Superstar

December 26, 2016


Since the moment he came into this world, Patrick “Drew” Bruner has been defying odds and expectations. Drew was born at 23 weeks gestation, which is incredibly early! Births at this age are complex and full of challenges, and almost every baby born at 23 weeks is fighting against the odds for survival. Drew weighed only 1 pound and 4 ounces. His doctors did not think he would survive, since babies born so early have about a 30% chance of survival in even the best circumstances. However, 19 years later, Drew is thriving and living a full life showing us…Read More

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Levi Reynolds – Epic Superstar

December 20, 2016

Levi Reynolds

At just two-years-old, Levi has already overcome many health obstacles and has shown tremendous progress! Epic is proud to present him as this week’s Epic Patient Superstar! Before he was even 12 months old, Levi had transitioned in and out of several foster homes. When Ginna and Nicholas Reynolds first met Levi through the foster program, he was in desperate need of a loving home and family who would understand his complex medical needs. A little over a year ago, Levi began services with Epic Medical Solutions (formerly Medco and Option 1) through the P.E.E.P. Program®, receiving medical supplies, enteral…Read More

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