Epic Superstar – Alexsander Garcia

June 29, 2016

You can always count on Epic Patient Superstar Alexsander Garcia for a smile! Alexsander has been working with Epic since 2010 – 6 years and counting! When we first met Alexsander and his family, he absolutely loved to play but struggled to walk and could not yet speak any words. Hearing loss, abnormality of gait, and lack of coordination are a few of the challenges the Epic Pediatric Therapy team works with Alexsander to improve. Alexsander has put forth an impressive amount of effort to achieve his therapy milestones, including the ability to complete tasks that were once difficult due…Read More

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Jenna Harbert – Epic Superstar

June 8, 2016


Nine-year-old Jenna Harbert has been a part of the Epic family since her mother sought out our services to help with the challenges Jenna’s autism diagnosis brings. Jenna is a superstar for many reasons and today we’d like to recognize her for several of her successes in physical and occupational therapy. When Jenna began therapy in 2011 she hardly spoke at all. She did not feel comfortable making eye contact with others and she would have frequent behavioral meltdowns. Jenna also had many coordination skills she needed to assistance to master. Over the last couple of years, Jenna has worked…Read More

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