Antoinette Viana – Epic Superstar

April 13, 2017


At Epic, nurses’ responsibilities are the farthest thing from simple. To know that the level of care you provide controls a child’s life and health is an enormous responsibility. Since joining the Epic Health Services team Antoinette Viana has been an amazing, hard working, care provider for our kiddos. We are thrilled to announce Antoinette Viana is this week’s Epic Staff Superstar! Antoinette joined Epic on November 2nd, 2012, since then she has become one of the most knowledgeable and experienced registered nurses Epic is lucky to have.  While spending time with fellow co-workers and different members of the Epic…Read More

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Jason Umpierrez – Epic Superstar

April 11, 2017

Jason 1

Epic Staff Superstars so often demonstrate strength as one of their defining qualities. Jason Umpierrez embodies strength every day when he walks through the doors at Epic. He’s not the finish early and check out early type of person that you meet so often these days. He’s constantly driving to do better, be better, and perform better for our patients and their families. He uses that dedication and strength to find solutions for families and to encourage his coworkers to do great work as well. That’s why Jason is our latest Epic Staff Superstar! Jason’s team in Chambersburg, PA describes…Read More

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Soonja Tyrrell – Epic Superstar

March 14, 2017


Epic Health Services values empathy, compassion, and quality care above all else. We are honored to be welcomed into homes and trusted with the important job of caring for your loved ones. When our CEO, Chris Roussos, met Soonja Tyrrell, he knew that she fully encompassed all of these core values. Chris met Soonja while he was out visiting one of our patients. He immediately noticed her dynamic and caring spirit. She is a perfect example of Epic’s mission. That’s why we are honored to name Soonja as an Epic Staff Superstar! Soonja has been a nurse for Epic since…Read More

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Cristobal Lopez – Epic Superstar

March 8, 2017

Cristobal Lopez

Cristobal “Cris” Lopez is a Client Service Coordinator who has been with Epic since August 2015. Cris is a great example of what it means to be an Epic Superstar. His commitment and versatility have made him an incredible addition to the Epic team. Recently his above and beyond mentality has inspired those closest to him to nominate him as an Epic Staff Superstar, and we are proud to share his story. Cris came to Epic with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Information/ Medical Records Administration from the University of South Florida, as well as a Master’s of Science degree…Read More

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Epic Superstars – Epic Medical Solutions

February 8, 2017

Feeding Tube

November 25, 2016 was just an average Friday for the Epic Medical Solutions team. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and everyone had the day off to relax with their families. But then they received a call that one of their young patients had run out of their prescribed specialized formula! This is not a common formula you can easily find at your local retail store, and the patient needed a special prescription formula in order to thrive – an entire weekend without it could have been extremely detrimental to the child’s health. Angie Roland, the on-call nurse at Epic…Read More

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Lisa Williams – Epic Staff Superstar

December 15, 2016

Lisa Williams Staff Superstar

Lisa Williams is proof that you don’t have to wear a cape or stop an alien invasion to change the world. Real life heroes dedicate their lives to helping people in their communities, and that’s exactly what Lisa does through her work as a pediatric physical therapist. That’s why she’s our latest Epic Staff Superstar. Don’t take our word that she’s a hero. A mother to one of Lisa’s patients said about Lisa, “Bradley and I have several heroes, but this lady right here will forever be one of our biggest.” We understand why. The same mother went on to…Read More

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Epic Staff Superstars: Veteran Edition

November 10, 2016


Throughout the week Epic is recognizing our employees who served in the United States armed forces. Lisa Bocanegra We are happy to announce our recent Epic Staff Superstar, Lisa Bocanegra! Lisa started working with Epic in 2012 and has made a tremendous impression on many of her patients and coworkers. One of the many reasons that Epic supports and encourages our nation’s veterans to work for Epic is because of their work ethic. There’s an earned sense of duty and commitment that is hard to find elsewhere. Lisa Bocanegra, Nursing Director in Olmito, TX, brings that very sense of commitment…Read More

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Jonathan Appleton – Staff Superstar

July 20, 2016


Since starting his career with Epic in January of 2014 as a Client Service Supervisor, Jonathan Appleton has been on the fast track to success. Along his Epic journey, Jonathan has held the position of Lead Client Service Supervisor, Client Service Manager, Operations Manager, and Executive Director in Mesquite, Texas.  At the beginning of this year, Jonathan jumped at the opportunity to move over to Recruiting as the South Texas Therapy Recruiter, where he was named   the South Texas PDN and Therapy Resource Partner of the Coalition Program, and was recently promoted as the Texas PDN and Therapy Lead Recruiter….Read More

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Epic Staff Superstar – Patricia Glover, LPN

July 6, 2016

Selfless, amazingly caring, and dedicated are three characteristics that fit Epic employees. Ms. Patricia Glover, LPN lives these out every day, on and off the job. Recently, an Epic patient’s mother felt so appreciative, she nominated nurse Glover to be an Epic Staff Superstar, and we’re thrilled to share her story. Ms. Tornabe, the patient’s mother, had to make an unexpected midnight trip to the emergency room. She had never been to an emergency room before and was nervous about the experience. In a panic, Ms. Tornabe called her Epic nurse, Patricia, for advice and to see if she could…Read More

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Conor Kearns – Epic Staff Superstar

June 22, 2016

We’d like to take a moment to recognize a star on our sales team, Conor Kearns! Conor started his career at Epic in February of 2016 as a Client Relations Associate for the inside sales department, and his infectious positive personality continues to be admired and appreciated by all of his colleagues. While making calls to Epic families, Conor learned that we have a patient who has different sized feet, and therefore, requires two different sizes of shoes. The patient’s grandmother usually goes to Walmart and buys two sets of shoes in different sizes to accommodate him, but has found…Read More

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