Father’s Day Bonding Activities

June 16, 2017

Happy Father’s Day! For some reason, finding the perfect gift for Dad always seems a bit more difficult than a month ago when we were purchasing flowers or chocolates, creating homemade art projects, and more to celebrate Mother’s Day. Can you relate? Dads add so much to their children’s lives and today we’d like to help you celebrate him by giving the invaluable gift of quality time. Here are some fun ideas your kids can do to bond with their father. Partner in his pastimes What does your children’s dad do, or wish to do, in his free time? Golf,…Read More

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Summer Travel Ideas for Families with Special Needs

May 22, 2017

family travel

School is out, summer is here, and you’re interested in ideas to entertain your children. Special needs or not, your family can build lasting memories by taking a trip this summer. Trips and adventures will not only provide a great experience in the moment, but they’ll also expand your family’s education of the world around them. Let us help you come up with some fun travel ideas for your family! Local A stay-cation can be quite the adventure with just a little planning to help make your experience unique. Attraction availability will vary by city, but you can check with…Read More

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Epic Mom Superstar – Sandra Vasquez

May 13, 2017


It’s our joy and honor to introduce you to Sandra Vasquez! Sandra is an Epic Mom Superstar – this recognition means that our Epic staff has taken notice of the wonderful mother she is and her amazing commitment to the success of her child. Sandra is the mother of Alessander Guerrero-Vasquez, a kind young man who has been diagnosed with autism. Alessander has been receiving speech, occupational, and physical therapy services from Epic Pediatric Therapy for the last 5 years. “Alessander has shown so much improvement in social skills and processing the world around him,” says one of his therapists…Read More

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Epic Mom Superstar – Kimberly Robinson

May 13, 2017

kimberly robinson

Kimberly is the proud mother of twin boys, Noah and Christopher Robinson. Both diagnosed with autism, Noah and Christopher joined the Epic family in 2016 for behavior therapy and applied behavior analysis (ABA).  Kimberly has raised such friendly, fun, and engaging young men. They love playing with each other and the Epic staff. Since starting services with Epic, both boys have made a lot of progress with their social and language skills. They are also improving with following schedules and successfully completing new tasks. Kimberly was nominated as a Mom Superstar by Jilian Planer of our Epic Developmental Services division….Read More

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5 Parental Tips for Special Needs Summer Camp

April 25, 2017

summer camp

Summer is just around the corner which means many of us are planning for how we will manage child care coverage and foster learning and fun for our kids. Summer camp can be an intimidating adventure, especially for families of children that have special needs. Great news! The world, including summer camp, is constantly improving on special needs inclusion. If you’re considering signing your child up for a summer camp, here are five tips to help your family have a successful experience. Selecting the Right Camp Nowadays camps are hosting opportunities for you and your child to see the camp…Read More

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Occupational Therapy – Helping Develop Important Life Skills

April 18, 2017

occupational therapy

April is National Occupational Therapy Month. In addition to working on sensory disorders and fine motor skills, Occupational Therapists take into consideration environmental, psychological, and social abilities. This therapy is not just to help adults learn or regain skills for their job, rather is beneficial for all age groups with a variety of diagnoses to include developmental or learning disabilities, chronic illness, post-surgery, traumatic injuries and birth defects. Occupational therapy (OT) is often provided in addition to Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy and incorporates everyday household items and activities in the treatment. In addition to outpatient clinics and the hospital,…Read More

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Shattering the Myths Around Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

April 17, 2017


National Autism Awareness Month, started by the Autism Society in 1984, dedicates the month of April to help raise support and awareness for individuals with the diagnosis. This year, the Autism Society is taking this campaign a step further by also focusing on acceptance and appreciation. Read on to test your knowledge on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as we shatter common myths surrounding this developmental disability. Myth: Autism affects everyone the same. Fact: Individuals diagnosed with ASD experience different levels of challenges and abilities in three areas; social, behavior, and communication. Symptoms range in severity based on where they are…Read More

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Water Safety Tips for Kids with Autism

April 13, 2017

With springtime upon us, it won’t be long before the temperature heats up—leading many families to make a beeline to their nearest pool or lake. And while the thought of days spent relaxing by the water may trigger excitement and anticipation, parents of children with autism must take extra measures to ensure their child stays safe during warm weather months. According to Autism Speaks, children with autism are often attracted to water sources such as pools, ponds, and lakes—and alarmingly, drowning is the most common fatal injury among children with autism. That doesn’t mean, though, that you must avoid water completely—instead,…Read More

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Spring Activities for Children with Special Needs

April 11, 2017

spring activities

Spring has officially sprung. Soon, flowers will bloom, birds will sing, and kids will play outside! This season is all about beginnings, which makes it a great time to plan fun activities for you children that will inspire them to learn and grow. Spring brings a whole world of sensory possibilities too. New smells, sights, and feelings can help your child develop. Here are some ideas to put a smile on your child’s face this season: 1) Make Chalk Scenes Who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk? Take visual aides to the next level with chalk scenes. Draw any scene where people…Read More

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Fun Easter Activities for Children with Special Needs

April 11, 2017

easter basket

The Easter holiday is fast approaching! Like all celebrations, children who have special needs, or their parents, may be apprehensive about participating in such themed public events. Religious affiliations aside, the commercial details of Easter can be fun for all to join in. The Easter Bunny Easter bunny pictures can be very scary and intimidating for a child. Think of it from your child’s perspective – a rabbit taller than their parents, who talks, and is not at the zoo. This contradicts almost everything a small child has learned about interacting with animals. If your family does wish to participate…Read More

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