Epic Health Services Establishes New Service Line and Expands into Three New States with Acquisition of Pediatria Healthcare for Kids

October 13, 2016

DALLAS, Oct. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —  Epic Health Services Inc., a portfolio company of Webster Capital and Dallas-based provider of pediatric skilled private duty nursing, therapy, developmental, enteral and respiratory services, announced today that it has acquired Pediatria Healthcare for Kids. Based in Norcross, Georgia—about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta—Pediatria provides pediatric home health care services and introduces a new service line to the Epic continuum of care: pediatric day health centers, which provide skilled nursing needs, as well as speech, occupational and physical therapy services, in a center-based environment. “Pediatria has a respected reputation, particularly for its pediatric day health…Read More

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Celebrating Cora – Epic Patient Superstar

August 30, 2016

Cora McDonald

We’re excited to announce our latest Epic Patient Superstar! Cora McDonald, a 3-year-old Epic Pediatric Therapy patient, has been diagnosed with Tay-Sachs which is a rare genetic degenerative disease. This diagnosis has presented Cora with significant health care challenges, but that doesn’t stop her from working to the best of her ability in her weekly physical and occupational therapy sessions with the Epic team. Cora is an extraordinary young lady who has touched countless lives in first three years of life. “Children with Tay-Sachs usually die by the age of three or four years old. Cora just turned three, so…Read More

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Epic Health Services Grows Presence in Nevada with Acquisition of Spring View Home Health Care

August 4, 2016

DALLAS, Aug. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Epic Health Services Inc., a portfolio company of Webster Capital and Dallas-based provider of pediatric skilled nursing, therapy, developmental, enteral and respiratory services, announced today that it has acquired Las Vegas-based Spring View Home Health Care, which offers private duty nursing services for both children and adults, as well as therapy and skilled nursing services for adults. “As we continue to expand, Epic remains focused on seeking out companies who value the highest level of patient care,” said Epic President and CEO Chris Roussos. “When we find a good match, like we did with Spring…Read More

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Epic Health Services Expands into Michigan with Acquisition of Pediatric Special Care Inc.

August 1, 2016

DALLAS, Aug. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Epic Health Services Inc., a portfolio company of Webster Capital and Dallas-based provider of pediatric skilled nursing, therapy, developmental, enteral and respiratory services, announced today that it has expanded into Michigan with the acquisition of Pediatric Special Care Inc. Based in Southfield, Michigan, Pediatric Special Care is the only pediatric-focused nursing and home medical equipment company in Michigan. “As we move forward, this acquisition will give us the chance to grow private duty nursing and home medical equipment services to patients across Michigan, and we look forward to that opportunity,” said Chris Roussos, Epic president…Read More

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Summer Series: Weather and Your Child’s Health

July 28, 2016


Part One: Heat Index Heat waves can be pretty brutal during the summer season. And we all know sometimes what the temperature says and how it truly feels can be very different. For me, there are times when 85 degrees outside seems like the perfect weather for a summer day. But, there are other times when I find it slightly hard to breathe in the exact temperature. In places like Texas the relative humidity, which is the percentage of air moisture in the atmosphere, has a significant impact on what “real” heat levels are outside. “Real” is a term I…Read More

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Helping Your Child with Special Needs Through the Summer Heatwave

July 28, 2016


Are you accustomed to sizzling Texas summers like I am? If is the answer “no!” but you live in a state that gets pretty hot and occasionally feels like an ocean tide of rolling heat waves just hit you with extreme temperature highs for days in a row, then you know preparation is a must as you endure the heat, humidity, dry air, and beating sun to arrive like beating drum majors one after the other letting you know the summer is still here. In climates like ours it is never a good idea for anyone to be caught off guard—except, of…Read More

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Keeping Kids with Special Needs Active and Moving

July 26, 2016


There are many benefits to physical activity and fitness. We know this intrinsically and medically, as muscle movement and aerobic activity can manage weight, stress and a host of other things we deal with in our daily lives. But if you or someone you know has a child with special needs, the challenges to exercise and mobility can be significant. Benefits of Movement and Activity for Kids with Special Needs Keeping your child moving can combat health risks such as obesity, and can lead to many other feelings of well-being and confidence throughout their lives – benefits such as: Improved…Read More

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Water Play is Fun and Therapeutic

July 15, 2016


Now that summer schedules have kicked into gear, families are spending more time at play. And that means vacations, camps and fun activities often near water – lakes, oceans, pools and the good old fashioned water hose blast in the backyard. And for families with kids with special needs, having fun through water play can also mean getting good exercise and therapy benefits, mentally and physically. Swimming can be one of the most complete and beneficial activities you can do with a child from birth. And for children with special needs, water play is a great way to reinforce abilities,…Read More

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Off to Camp We Go!

July 14, 2016


You’ve invested a good deal of time researching the perfect overnight camp for your child with special needs. Now it’s time to put the plan into place, and help your camper embark on a successful and fun-filled overnight camp experience. A good preparation plan is key. And not only will preparation help your child realize camp-time is just around the corner, it also helps you in knowing you’ve done a great job in getting them camp-ready. Here’s a couple of tips to ease the way: Sign Up with a Camp Buddy – Kids will be less likely to feel anxious…Read More

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3 Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide

July 6, 2016

Your kids have been off for a couple of weeks now and like many parents, you’re probably beginning to get a little concerned with your children taking a 100% break from everything related to school and academics. This concern is not unfounded; there are numerous studies that indicate that the summer slide is a real thing, and that kids often loose months’ worth of academic skills over the summer (Borman & Boulay, 2012). The internet is filled with thousands of write ups and recommendations for preventing the summer slide, the summer slump, summer learning loss, etc. Google any one of…Read More

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