August 15, 2014

news-kindergarten-weslaco-texas-pediatric-therapy-home-health-care-healthcare-resources-developmental-milestonesStarting kindergarten is a significant event in every child’s life. As parents, you play an important role in the successful transition of your child from the home to the school environment.

Although a child’s age typically determines when kindergarten should begin, how do you know if your child is actually ready for the big transition?

Kindergarten readiness goes hand in hand with the achievement of developmental milestones in the areas of speech, occupational and physical development.

Our Weslaco therapy team shares the following milestones your child should be able to perform before his or her fifth birthday to ensure kindergarten readiness. You may review this list with your child’s pediatrician to determine if your child is meeting his or her developmental milestones.

Speech Development

  • Follows simple directions
  • Engages in social routines/games and is able to take turns
  • Counts numerically 1-10, labels 4+ colors, and connects most sounds with letters
  • Listens to stories, music and is stimulated by information

Occupational Development

  • Uses the restroom on his or her own
  • Is able to dress, undress, brush teeth, pour juice and use utensils
  • Works on puzzles, scribbles, colors and paints
  • Handles emotions and knows coping strategies

Physical Development

  • Runs and jumps
  • Plays outdoors such as jungle gym activities
  • Catches and throws a ball
  • Skips and hops

When the time comes for your child to begin kindergarten, keep these areas of development in mind to ensure a successful transition.

Remember to always praise your child and provide positive reinforcement, as appropriate.

If your child is experiencing difficulties achieving any of these milestones, a pediatric speech, occupational or physical therapist can help.

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