May 26, 2016

C5The 5P Minus syndrome, also called Cri du Chat syndrome (or CdCS), is a genetic disorder caused due to a lack of a portion of chromosome  number 5. Those born with this missing or shortened chromosome have a distinctive “cat cry” or kitten-like cry (soft cry), due to an undeveloped larynx, which can deepen as a child grows older. Lower birth weight, smaller head circumference, and developmental delays are common in children with Cri du Chat syndrome.

During May, the 5P Minus Society and Cri du are working to educate others about this extremely rare condition that affects approximately one in 50,000 births across the globe.

Virtual 5K for 5P Minus

To raise awareness and money for programs that benefit the Cri du Chat syndrome community, supporters can plan a Virtual Walk. The event can be a walk, a run, a picnic, or any type of event. Over 20 “teams” have been created all over the world. Check them out by searching #5pminus5k on social media.

Stripy Sock Campaign

An illustrative and fun way to spread awareness is encouraging supporters to wear striped socks, one long and one short to represent the whole 5th chromosome and the deleted 5th chromosome.  Use the hashtags #criduchat, #stripysocks, and #criduchatsyndromeawareness when posting pictures on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

C5 Mascot

Another inventive way the 5P Minus Society and Cri du are highlighting CdCS awareness across the world is by asking supporters to download C5, a characterized illustration of a C5 chromosome with the shortened arm. You can Download C5, take him with you everywhere you go, snap a picture (similar to the Flat Stanley project) and use the hashtags above or #SeeC5. Teachers, families, and supporters are encouraged to download C5 as a coloring page.

 Cri du Chat Syndrome Facts

  • Cri du Chat syndrome, also known as 5P- (Five P Minus) occurs when there is a loss of genetic material on the 5th
  • Its main characteristic is the kitten‐like cry (soft cry) that is due to an underdeveloped larynx. As the child grows and the larynx gets stronger the sound slightly deepens.
  • Other characteristics may include low birth weight, small head circumference, small chin, low set ears, skin folds in the inner corners of the eyes, broad nose, low muscle tone, cognitive delays, and expressive speech delays.
  • This rare genetic disorder affects 1:50,000 births. Most individuals get diagnosed at birth because providers notice the main characteristics, but some individuals are not diagnosed until later because of physical and cognitive delays.
  • Cri du Chat syndrome was discovered in (1963) by Dr. Jerome Lejeune in France.

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