July 24, 2013

news-speech-language-therapy-apps-07-2013Technology has brought a world of opportunity to our fingertips, especially when it comes to apps and their many uses. Several Epic speech therapists are finding apps to be valuable, effective tools in helping kiddos with their speech therapy.

Apps and tablets provide a less expensive and more accessible alternative to previous augmentative and alternative communication devices. Speech therapy apps offer a ‘voice’ for many of our non-verbal clients, who can use a variety of apps to express their thoughts and needs for the very first time.

Plus, therapists can use apps to target certain speech therapy skills, including articulation and language concepts. As a parent, you can engage your child with the same apps to reinforce skills learned during each therapy session.

But before making a purchase, you should talk with your child’s therapist to determine which apps would be most beneficial to your child.

Wondering which apps to consider? The following list includes some favorites among our Epic speech therapists.

  • Autism iHelp by John Talavera – Targets WH questions, language concepts, same/different, opposites, colors and sorting. Vocabulary includes home, shapes, vehicles, animals, food and play. Cost is free to $1.99.
  • Sort it Out 1 & 2 from My First App – Targets sorting objects by categories, including transportation by air, land and sea. Cost is free to $2.99.
  • Buddy Bear Apps for Autism and PDD from Linguisystems® – Targets categories, yes/no questions, grammar, WH questions, comparatives/superlatives, opposites and associations. Cost is free to $14.99.
  • Words with Tots from Adsouk – Targets vocabulary from categories by offering children a choice from two pictures, including food, animals, numbers, shapes and colors. Free. 
  • Speak Colors from RWH Technology – Targets using phrases and sentences with colors. Also allows you to record your child saying the phrases and sentences. Cost is free to $3.99.
  • Proloquo2Go® from Assistiveware® – This is a voice output app. It allows users to express wants, needs and thoughts by selecting pictures from a homepage to form words, phrases and sentences. Easy to program and easy to upload pictures. At $219.99, this is one of the most expensive apps for speech therapy.
  • Able AAC from Ablevox – This is a voice output app. It is available for purchase in 20 different languages. Free version has limited access. The app allows users to form words, phrases and sentences to communicate in everyday environments. Cost is free to $54.99.

As you can see, there is no shortage of apps targeting speech therapy. With some guidance from your child’s therapist, you can find the right app to help supplement your child’s therapy sessions.