May 23, 2014

Speech-language pathologists Rebecca Donehoo and Veronica Chavarria participated in hands-on training labs.

Last week, Epic pediatric therapists from across Texas gathered in San Antonio to attend the VitalStim® Therapy Certification Course, a two-day training event focused on new ways to help children with feeding and swallowing disorders.

“This course not only serves as a professional development opportunity for our therapists, but it also provides an additional treatment option for our pediatric therapy clients,” said Aimee Kilgore, vice president of therapy services.

Michelle Mendietta, speech-language pathologist and therapy director, and Victoria Parker, speech-language pathologist.

“Delivering unmatched quality care to our clients while focusing on the best possible outcomes is at the core of what we do, and offering this course – along with other educational opportunities to our therapists – is one way we do this.”

The session covered topics such as muscle physiology, kinesiology of the swallowing mechanism and pathological swallowing mechanisms.

Therapists, led by three certified instructors, participated in extensive hands-on training labs that involved learning and practicing the VitalStim® Therapy protocol.

Karin DeLaFuente, speech-language pathologist and Gloria Macias-DeFrance, speech-language pathologist and therapy director.

“The course was extremely informative and useful,” said Amy Menegaz, speech-language pathologist in Katy, Texas. “I’m excited to be able to use this system for clients to provide another means to rehabilitate the swallowing muscles.”

VitalStim® Therapy is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment for patients suffering with difficulty swallowing or dysphagia.

The therapy uses small electrical currents to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing. It is the only Food and Drug Administration cleared treatment approach that successfully combines neuromuscular electrical stimulation and traditional dysphagia techniques.

To qualify for the session, therapists were required to complete an online modified barium swallow review course.

Speech-language pathologists Norma Reyes and Judy McBride.

After the session, each participant completed a written exam to demonstrate accurate practical application of VitalStim® Therapy.

Therapists received 16 contact hours upon successful completion of the course and written exam.

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