June 30, 2013

Robert Yocom and Eileen Metzkow are part of the Epic El Paso team that provides care for little Miss Trinity.

“Kind, hard-working, compassionate” is just the beginning when it comes to the praise that Eileen Metzkow, LVN, has for her boss Robert Yocom, executive director of Epic’s El Paso office.

You see, Eileen recently sent us an email that expressed her gratitude for the way Robert not only manages the care of clients, but also treats his entire team.

We were so moved by her kind words that we wanted to share her email with you. Enjoy!

Subject: Robert Yocom, Admin., Epic El Paso

It has been my intention to send this email to you for quite some time. My name is Eileen Metzkow, LVN, Epic El Paso employee for 15 months.

As an LVN of 17.5 years, I have never worked for such a wonderful administrator. His professionalism, drive, multi-tasking and caring personality have made Epic El Paso what it is today. Not only caring so deeply for our patients and their families, but for his nurses. Making sure everyone is taken care of.

I have never emailed a corporate office before. This is a first for me, as I strongly believe that Mr. Yocom deserves recognition for his dedication to Epic El Paso, our patients, their families and his staff.

As our administrator and friend, I thank you for recognizing Mr. Yocom. Epic El Paso wouldn’t be what it is today without his dedication, leadership and friendship.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Eileen Metzkow, LVN