May 13, 2017

kimberly robinsonKimberly is the proud mother of twin boys, Noah and Christopher Robinson. Both diagnosed with autism, Noah and Christopher joined the Epic family in 2016 for behavior therapy and applied behavior analysis (ABA).  Kimberly has raised such friendly, fun, and engaging young men. They love playing with each other and the Epic staff. Since starting services with Epic, both boys have made a lot of progress with their social and language skills. They are also improving with following schedules and successfully completing new tasks.

Kimberly was nominated as a Mom Superstar by Jilian Planer of our Epic Developmental Services division. According to Jilian, “Kimberly always does everything her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) needs to help support the programs, including making materials, laminating things, purchasing items needed for programming, and so much more. She also puts into practice any procedures the BCBA suggests for both of her boys and consistently works with the boys in the ways recommended by her BCBA.” When the care providers both in the home and in the industry work together cohesively, that’s when the most success is achieved for the child involved. Jilian says, “Kimberly sees the value of following through with the BCBA’s recommendations, even when our staff is not present. She goes above and beyond for her boys.” This partnership is a beautiful thing!

Happy Mother’s Day, Kimberly! We appreciate your support and celebrate your strength and determination in your journey of motherhood.