May 13, 2017

OlgaMeet Superstar Mom Olga Cisneros! In honor of Mother’s Day, join us in celebrating this amazing mother’s story of love and perseverance.

The Epic team in Addison, Texas nominated Olga to be an Epic Mom Superstar for more reasons than we can count. As a single mother, Olga has faced many challenges since her son, Elias, came into this world.He was born with many health complications and doctors did not expect him to live longer than 24 hours after delivery. Elias is now seven years old and he is thriving thanks to the love and dedication of his mother and his healthcare team.

Elias is currently receiving private duty nursing services, medical supplies, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy from the Epic Health Services family of companies.  Epic is proud of all the achievements Elias has reached since he came aboard in 2010. Elias has received many diagnoses including chronic lung disease and autism.

According to Elias’ therapists, “Olga successfully cares for Elias alone without any additional family support. She is a great advocate for her son, especially with accessing and coordinating appropriate services for him. She works day and evening shifts to provide for her son and she still somehow managesto bring Elias to therapy sessions each week. Olga has been compliant with home programs to carry over therapy strategies to help Elias progress in mastering his daily activities. She never complains and she often seeks out opportunities to get Elias involved in community events and activities that other 7-year-old boys are participating in. She finds great joy in knowing and watching her son have fun and be happy.”

In Olga’s spare time, she teaches Elias to read and write in addition to working on his developmental milestones. Like all mothers, Olga’s job is never done. The love you have for your child is the fuel you need to help your children succeed. Olga and Elias’ therapists want other single mothers to been couraged and empowered by the Cisneros family story – Olga is a Superstar Mom and so are you!