May 13, 2017

sandraIt’s our joy and honor to introduce you to Sandra Vasquez! Sandra is an Epic Mom Superstar – this recognition means that our Epic staff has taken notice of the wonderful mother she is and her amazing commitment to the success of her child.

Sandra is the mother of Alessander Guerrero-Vasquez, a kind young man who has been diagnosed with autism. Alessander has been receiving speech, occupational, and physical therapy services from Epic Pediatric Therapy for the last 5 years. “Alessander has shown so much improvement in social skills and processing the world around him,” says one of his therapists Laura Viergever. “He is now able to play with peers and he shows improvement with his coordination and balance. Alessander can now vocalize his sensory needs, which greatly helps him throughout his day. He is one of the sweetest boys you’ll ever meet and he is super excited to see everyone at the clinic. He is very interested in his therapists’ and his friends’ lives and impressively remembers details and checks up on them frequently. He is so caring and loving – you can’t help but smile when he greets you with a big wave.”

Alessander’s therapists nominated Sandra for the Epic Mom Superstar honor because, “Sandra is always giving her best for her child! She smiles even when you know she is having a rough day, and you know that her kids are her priority. Sandra has shown great growth with being able to let the Epic therapists know when there are concerns with her child. She is always caring and kind to the clinic staff, it is a true joy to see her walk in the front door. The Vasquez family’s attendance is always perfect, even if they need to come on Saturday – they are very dependable!”

Sandra is an excellent example of what parent support can do for a child’s success. The Epic team wishes to use Sandra as an encouragement for other parents to push hard for what your child needs. Sandra is a great listener and consistently puts Alessander’s learned therapy into practice in their everyday life.

Happy Mother’s Day, Sandra! We love working with you and your family.