October 30, 2015

Down Syndrome Awareness

Meet Julia Leyva. A kind-hearted 10 year old, Miss Julia is a star kiddo who works very hard to overcome the challenges that Down Syndrome brings. Julia and her family have continued to partner with Epic Health Services since she was a wee three year old. The Leyvas are so much more than a patient account, they’re our family.

Always smiling, Julia loves to sing along to Tejano music and Disney songs. Frozen’s “Let It Go” is one of her favorite tunes she performs with song and dance. This young lady is a master of both English and Spanish and she puts her bilingual talents to practice every summer when she vacations in Mexico with her relatives. Julia is a natural on the camera – she likes to make video tutorials showcasing tips for applying cosmetics. During the school year, Julia stays busy learning to read, studying mathematics and dominating her district’s Special Olympics competitions. Julia’s parents praise her as a helpful hand around the house – she completes everyday chores including making her bed and other light housework.

A participant in Epic Health Services’ physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy, Julia frequently calls her therapists her best friends. She has recently learned to tie her shoes and increases her independence on a daily basis. Her fun-loving and mischievous personality shines as she enjoys playing tricks on people around the Epic clinic. We are so proud of Julia – please join us in celebrating her during Down Syndrome Awareness Month and beyond.

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