August 3, 2017

TherapyIsaac Finch is this week’s Epic Patient Superstar, and boy is he something special! Born as a 24-week premature baby, Isaac was not expected to survive. This sweet boy is now eight years old and he and his family have worked very hard to overcome his developmental challenges with the help of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

Isaac joined the Epic Pediatric Therapy family when he was just three years old and he has amazed his Epic care team ever since. Over the last five years, Isaac has made significant strides of personal progress. He has greatly improved his vocabulary, eats a wider variety of foods, increased his motor coordination, and he has even integrated his immature motor reflexes. Also, Isaac has gained more emotional control so he is having far fewer temper tantrums – his coping skills have grown by leaps and bounds. All of these advancements are life-changing milestones for both Isaac and his family.

Isaac loves playing with Legos, dancing, riding his bicycle, and coloring beautiful pictures for his mother. He is very social and outgoing. His therapists frequently boast about what a clever, imaginative, and creative young man Isaac is.

TherapyTherapy alone cannot take all of the credit for Isaac’s successes. Isaac is fortunate to have an unbelievable family support system. Not only does his family wholeheartedly support and care for him, he also has three siblings. His mother, Jessica Finch, home-schools three of her children from the Epic Pediatric Therapy clinic lobby two days a week while Isaac works through his three-hour therapy sessions. Way to go, mom!

We know it takes a village, and Epic Pediatric therapy is so happy to be a part of the Finch support system. Isaac has obviously benefited from our partnership, and we couldn’t be more proud of him.