July 29, 2017

Happy birthday to our latest Epic Patient Superstar, Jacob Tecum-Sic! This precious young man turns four today and we are so excited to share his story. Jacob is diagnosed with Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder and he’s been receiving speech therapy services from our team since 2016.

Jacob has progressed immensely since joining the Epic Pediatric Therapy family! At three years old, Jacob was only able to babble and make gestures to communicate with others. In less than a year of focused work with his speech therapy team, Jacob can now not only articulate words, but even communicate in two word phrases. He is now also able to produce two syllable words, request objects, label objects, and ask for help. We are so very proud of how much Jacob has improved his receptive and expressive skills.

Jacob’s mother, Maria, beams with pride and joy for Jacob and how he can now communicate his wants and needs. These milestones were some of Maria’s biggest concerns when she first brought Jacob to Epic Pediatric Therapy.

With all the impressive progress Jacob has made with his speech and communication skills, he’s thrilled to be able to attend Pre-K this fall. This will be his first “school-like” experience. Jacob is excited to play with new peers and his mother feels much more confident sending him off to a school program now that he can carry on a conversation and express himself.

Jacob’s Speech Therapist, Laritza Lopez, has adored working with Jacob since the day he first walked into the Epic clinic. Laritza credits Jacob’s quick successes to his hard work both inside and outside of his therapy sessions. Having a wonderfully supportive mother, Jacob has a top notch team cheering him onto his next goal achievements. Laritza has understanding use of objects, using different word combinations, and answering questions logically on Jacob’s horizon.

Jacob – we hope you enjoy your special day and have your best year yet. Happy birthday and good luck in Pre-K!