February 16, 2016

dilated cardiomyopathyFebruary is an exciting month at Epic, as we announce our SECOND Patient Superstar, Mariska Richardson! Mariska is a nine year-old warrior who has battled Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) for many years. Diagnosed in 2011, Mariska began her fight with DCM, only to face additional medical issues when, in 2012, she was told she had mitochondrial disease after undergoing a heart transplant. A brave Mariska was given a feeding tube to provide continued sustenance to counteract the effects of her illness. It was at this time Mariska began working with her Epic nurse, Sara Riddle.

Mariska was given many limitations by doctors, but because of her determination, she has retained the ability to walk and maintain mobility, despite attempts to place her in a wheelchair. Since joining Epic, Mariska continues to impress doctors and family.

While no cure exists for Mariska’s conditions, we know she will continue to defy odds and fight to do the things she loves. Epic is honored to have the opportunity to work with such a courageous young girl, and we can’t wait to see how she continues to grow! Congratulations on becoming an Epic Superstar!