August 18, 2017

staff superstarAt Epic, we know it’s our employees that make the care we provide possible. Ryan Keller is our latest Epic Staff Superstar and we are thrilled to shine a light on such a caring individual. When most people hear the term care providers, they instantly think of our talented nursing and therapy staff. Today, we’ll introduce you to another part of the Epic care team – our sales support staff.

Ryan has been on the Epic Medical Solutions team since 2015 and he’s impacted countless lives for the better ever since. He works out of our Chandler, Arizona office and supports the patient families he encounters with enteral nutrition care and the necessary medical supplies. Most of the patients Ryan works with are not able to consume a healthy diet by mouth alone, so they must depend on a feeding tube and/or formula to reach the correct calorie count and nutrient combination.

staff superstar“Words cannot express our gratitude and pride in having Ryan on our team,” states his supervisor Robert Tomas.

We’ll leave you with a testimony we received from a mother of one of Ryan’s sweet patients to help you understand the incredible level of service Ryan provides on a daily basis.

“I wanted to take the time to let you know about the performance of your employee, Ryan Keller. He is an outstanding employee who really understands his customers and their needs” says Mrs. Wiatrek. “After protesting insurance, I was resigned to the fact that I would be spending $500 plus a month on my son’s formula. After being diagnosed with a severe milk and soy intolerance, Neocate seemed to be our only choice.”

“Then in steps Ryan. He worked with both me and my pediatrician’s office to gather information and send in new paperwork to insurance. It was absolutely seamless and took no extra legwork from me or my doctor. Within a few weeks, insurance had approved our request to cover Neocate. However, in this time period, a pediatric GI specialist decided to change the formula to Elecare. Ryan once again stepped in and completed all necessary paperwork to make the switch with insurance. He also kept me informed every step of the way in regards to where we were in the process through countless emails and phone calls. It has been such a positive experience working with Epic because of Ryan. I want to thank Ryan for caring so much about my son and his special needs. He has gone above and beyond for us. I sincerely appreciate everything he has done.”