May 9, 2017

It’s National Nurses Week and we’re thrilled to celebrate our Epic Nurses! We have so many wonderful individuals serving on our team, but today we’d like to shine the spotlight on two Epic Superstars.

catherineCatherine Mabuye

Catherine provides pediatric private duty nursing services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has been in the Epic family since 2012.

Catherine is a superstar nurse not only for the amazing work she does daily with the Epic kiddos, but for her longstanding tenure and dependability. “You can count on Catherine to accurately handle our patients’ orders, feedings, and medication administration,” says Catherine’s supervisor Heather Scalf. “She takes it a step further by being an active participant in patient therapies, too. She promotes the Epic therapists’ recommendations and supports the patients’ overall health by helping them achieve each of their goals. I have personally seen so much improvement in one of her patients in particular. They’ve been working together for a year and a half and the patient’s mobility and speech have grown by leaps and bounds. Longevity in this work relationship is a key to this patient’s successes for sure!”

Catherine is a well-rounded and genuinely pleasant lady to be around. Her positive reputation is appreciated by all of her colleagues – they’ve never heard her utter a cross word about anyone. With a smile on her face, Catherine seizes the day and lights up every room she enters.

Thanks for being a part of the Epic family, Catherine. We appreciate you and applaud your lasting commitment to our patients and their families. You are a shining example for the nursing industry to follow and we’re so glad our Epic kids get to benefit from your loving care. Happy Nurses Week!

SolangeSolange Oliveira

Dedicated to our pediatric private duty nursing patients, Solange has been serving with the Epic family since 2011. When we say “Epic family,” that’s exactly what we mean – Solange wholeheartedly supports her patients and their families in every way she can.

Solange has consistently served a specific patient for eighteen months and counting and you can definitely see improvements in the child’s life due to the longevity and persistence of Solange’s care. They have formed a lasting bond through their continued relationship. The trust and understanding the patient has with Solange is priceless.

According to supervisor Heather Scalf, “I am nominating Solange because she embodies what Epic care stands for. She strives every day to provide compassionate, competent patient care. She is loved and requested to return to every patient home she visits. In addition to providing amazing nursing care for the Epic kiddos, she also embraces the thrills and excitement of childhood. Solange loves entertaining her patients from baking cupcakes, to taking walks to the local park, and more.  She is an absolute pleasure to supervise and as a company we could not ask for a better nurse.”

Her happy, easy-going personality and her excellent nursing abilities are just a few of the reasons we love having Solange on our private duty nursing team. She lifts the spirits of both her patients and her colleagues without even realizing it. That is a true gift, and we’re glad we all get to enjoy it.

When away from her job, Solange enjoys spending time with her own family. Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us, Solange, we really appreciate you. Happy Nurses Week – you are a rock star!