November 30, 2015

Jason1_smallJason, an amazingly inspiring young man, has been with Epic Health Services (formerly Nurses to Go) since August of 2012. He’s 18 years old and daily tackles the challenges of multiple physical ailments including fetal alcohol syndrome and a cleft lip and palate, in addition to diabetes insipidus, epilepsy, ADHD, speech apraxia, microcephaly, RLS, obstructive sleep apnea, haloprosencephaly, and developmental delays. Jason was placed in a residential facility for children with disabilities at the age of one. It was there Jason would meet his adoptive mother who, along with his adoptive father, had custody of Jason for eight years, until their separation. His loving, adoptive mother retained sole custody of Jason until her passing in 2012, at the unfortunate hands of cancer. He then underwent another significant life change when Anne-Marie Denny, a close friend and coworker of his adoptive mother, sought to obtain guardianship rights of Jason. She was successful, and became a mother and caregiver to Jason.

The loss of his mother and changes in his living environment caused an increase in the frequency and intensity of Jason’s seizures. Prior to his mother’s death, Jason experienced limited, short seizures throughout the day; afterwards, his condition worsened due to the emotional and physical stress put on his body. Doctors attributed his decline not only to the emotional trauma but also to the growing period his body was experiencing. It was at this time the personal care attendant had to be replaced by nurses in order to meet all of Jason’s medical needs. Because of Jason’s anxiety, related to loss or abandonment, he required care from dedicated and compassionate nurses who could develop his sense of assurance once again.

ConsistencJason2_smally is imperative to the success of Jason’s treatment; through technological advances and Epic’s team of dedicated nurses, Jason has seen tremendous progress in his health. The frequency and duration of his seizures has decreased from 20-30 seizures a day to only a few, with the intensity significantly lowered, as well.

The care and attention given to Jason daily by his Epic nurses has provided him the opportunity to live the active life he desires. He enjoys playing sports like baseball, football, and basketball, in addition to “Just Dance” on his Wii. Not only has Jason been provided physical support, but the emotional trust he has been able to develop due to his nurses has had an enormously positive impact on Jason’s quality of life, as well. Because of the truly phenomenal support from his Epic nurses, Jason has seen incredible growth and continues to make daily progress combatting potentially debilitating diseases. The future is bright for Jason, and Epic is thrilled to be a part of his success! At Epic, you’re family, and we couldn’t be more proud to have Jason as part of ours! He’s one exceptional Epic Superstar!