May 2, 2017

MathewA five year old firecracker, Mathew McAuliffe, is this week’s Epic Superstar! Mathew has been apart of the Epic family since 2013 and Erin McAuliffe, his mother, says, “Mathew’s life has no doubt changed for the better thanks to the support and care of his Epic nurses. The Epic team has given me peace of mind, and to a mother this is priceless.”

Mathew’s mother speaks straight to our mission, vision, and company values. Our company exists for the sole purpose of improving the lives of our patients and their families. Diagnosed with Turner syndrome and autism, Mathew faces many health challenges as he grows and develops. When Mathew first started services with Epic, he did not talk much, could not walk, and received nutrition only through a feeding tube. Mathew is now able to walk, talk, and consume some food by mouth. He is still on his feeding tube, but his care team is hopeful that he may no longer need it in down the road. He is making great strides towards increased age-appropriate independence.

In just a few short years, Mathew’s progress is remarkable. “It is so rewarding to work with him,”exclaims Melodi, Mathew’s nurse. “He’s now a bubbly, social butterfly who rocks my world and loves everyone he comes into contact with. He’s constantly overcoming obstacles, one health care challenge at a time and I am so proud of him!”

Mathew receives private duty nursing services five days a week and is accompanied by his nurse to hisdaily preschool program for children with disabilities. Another exciting achievement for Mathew is hewill start kindergarten this fall in regular education classes. Go Mathew! He’s so smart and willaccomplish great things as he jumps into the next phase of his education.
Besides being a superstar, Mathew is a fun-loving kid who enjoys watching Paw Patrol, favors the colorred, and plays outside in the dirt every chance he gets. This year Mathew plans to join a baseball teamwith Adaptive Sports for Kids (A.S.K.).  This young man’s future is so bright and we look forward tocelebrating each new milestone with the McAuliffe family.