February 8, 2017

Feeding Tube

November 25, 2016 was just an average Friday for the Epic Medical Solutions team. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and everyone had the day off to relax with their families. But then they received a call that one of their young patients had run out of their prescribed specialized formula! This is not a common formula you can easily find at your local retail store, and the patient needed a special prescription formula in order to thrive – an entire weekend without it could have been extremely detrimental to the child’s health.

Angie Roland, the on-call nurse at Epic Medical Solutions—Chandler, AZ, received the concerned phone call from the patient’s parents on a Friday evening. Angie quickly noticed that the next shipment wouldn’t arrive in the patient’s home until the following Tuesday, so she started making calls to all of the local hospitals in search of a solution. Unfortunately, none of the hospitals near the patient’s hometown of Las Vegas carried this particular formula, leaving the family with very few options. At this point, the patient was at risk of being readmitted to the hospital and going on TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition).

With this in mind, Angie immediately took action and began coordinating efforts with our branch in Chandler, Arizona to check on their supply of the specialty formula. Fortunately, they had the exact formula in stock!

With time running out, Chandler team member, Sandra Felix, picked up the formula from the branch in Arizona and made the hand off to another Epic Medical Solutions hero, Cindy Parker. Meanwhile, back in Las Vegas, Erika Rothacker, Epic Client Relations Director, also jumped into action. Cindy and Erika both drove two and a half hours to meet halfway and hand off the medical supplies. Erika then hurried to safely deliver the crucial specialty formula straight to our patient’s door step.

We take pride in the great lengths our staff goes through to keep our patients out of the hospital – even on a holiday weekend. This type of dedication and teamwork truly represents what it means to be an Epic Superstar! Thank you Angie Roland, Sandra Felix, Cindy Parker, and Erika Rothacker, for being our families’ heroes.