November 16, 2011

news-austin-texas-preemie-power-11-2011-1On Sunday, November 13th, Epic’s Austin team was all decked out in support of Hand to Hold’s annual “Premie Power” event.

Hand to Hold is a non profit organization that provides support, education and resources to parents whose child was born pre- maturely. Hand to Hold also uniquely fills the support gap that exists for families who have had a child in the NICU or have experienced a loss. The organization created the Preemie Power event — consisting of a photo/essay contest, team news-austin-texas-preemie-power-11-2011-2fundraiser and family celebration — to recognize these tiny super heroes for the amazing obstacles they have overcome.

The event also educates the community about the challenges preemies and medically fragile children may face during and after the NICU, sometimes for years to come.

Our Austin team is proud to honor and serve these small but mighty super heroes and their families – who never give up despite the many obstacles they face. We had a wonderful time at this event and were truly inspired by these very special children who have no idea just how “super” they are!

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