June 16, 2017

Happy Father’s Day! For some reason, finding the perfect gift for Dad always seems a bit more difficult than a month ago when we were purchasing flowers or chocolates, creating homemade art projects, and more to celebrate

Mother’s Day. Can you relate? Dads add so much to their children’s lives and today we’d like to help you celebrate him by giving the invaluable gift of quality time. Here are some fun ideas your kids can do to bond with their father.

Partner in his pastimes

What does your children’s dad do, or wish to do, in his free time? Golf, follow baseball, go fishing, read, watch Animal Planet … every man is unique, so figure out what it is he really loves to do and then offer for the kids join in. Once he realizes your interest, he might even offer to teach you and the kids a little bit about this activity so it will be more enjoyable for all of you. Dads often have to forfeit their favorite hobbies on the weekends to attend their children’s extracurricular activities or complete that honey-do list. He will enjoy a weekend getting to do what he loves with the family in tow.

Food is the way to the heart

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Taking your children’s father out for supper with the kids at his favorite restaurant or even preparing a delicious dish at home can be a grand gesture of love. If he wants to be hands-on, great, let him help and enjoy the together time. If not, maybe he can play with the children while you whip up the celebratory dinner or dessert.  Give the kids the opportunity to earn money ahead of time so they can contribute to the restaurant or grocery bill, and feel like they’re actually treating Dad.

Try something new

Sometimes spontaneity can be more fun than an old favorite. Is there a local attraction that has peaked his interest or an activity you think he’d enjoy with the family? Buy those tickets and plan your outing. Love and appreciation can be communicated by you and the kids taking the time and initiative to come up with a fun plan to celebrate this special man on his day.

Now that you’ve heard our ideas, choose the bonding activity that best suits the fatherly figure in your children’s life and bring the kids in on the plan. Write this plan in his Father’s Day card and enjoy the fun memories to follow!