May 13, 2017

Thank a NurseIt’s Nurses Week – have you thanked yours lately? Nurses carry life-dependent responsibilities on their shoulders and all too often their efforts go unrecognized. We’d like to use today’s blog to help you show appreciation to the well-deserving care provider in your or your child’s life.

Tell them

Appreciation is good for the soul and a sincere verbal “thank you” can make anyone’s day. To show your gratitude, you could tell your nurse how much you value their work, recognize the care they provide, and/or remind them of the progress you guys have made together. What a kind and meaningful conversation this could be!  The gesture is easy and inexpensive, yet the results are so rich.

Write it down

If you’re not comfortable expressing your feelings in person take your gratitude to pen, keyboard, or art supplies. The classic hand-written thank you note stands the test of time as a thoughtful gesture. Your nurse will be touched by your written sentiments and unlike a verbal expression; they can keep your words on the card, note, poster, or canvas you wrote it on.

Gift a memento

You can make your thankfulness known by giving your nurse something to remind them of you. Your gift doesn’t need to break the bank – your nurse will lovingly accept your token of appreciation simply on the thought that was put into it. A few economical gift ideas include a photo of the two of you, a homemade dessert, a bouquet of flowers, or a small gift card.

Share your praise

For one reason or another, negative reviews get shared much more frequently than the positive. Let’s change that! If your nurse goes above and beyond, thank them and also let their supervisor know. You can even submit your tales of loving care straight to Epic by clicking here. We enjoy hearing your success stories and want to join you in celebrating the outstanding nurse in your life.

A beautiful thing about people is that no matter how different we are, the act of showing appreciation includes all ages, languages, cultures, and beyond – it’s a common bond of humanity. Let your uniqueness shine though as you communicate your gratitude to your Epic nurse.