April 10, 2017

Gillian DeansGillian Deans is an extraordinary young lady with a beautiful story to tell. Born 7 weeks premature, Gillian met the world with many health obstacles including only half of a brain and the diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, and chronic respiratory failure. Doctors informed Gillian’s family that the likelihood of her surviving past her first birthday was very slim due to her health concerns.

Gillian started receiving care from Epic Health Services in 2008. Today Gillian is able to be home, instead of extended stays in the hospital, while still receiving excellent care from her Epic clinical team. Shola and Nicole are two of the Epic nurses that have become an extension to the Deans family. Gillian’s mother, Kimberly Deans, credits the power of prayer and the partnership between her family and her care team to be the secret sauce in her continued progress.

Gillian is in 10th grade and has recently been declared healthier than she has been in years. This is huge! Not only was she not expected to live past her first birthday, she has proven clinical experts wrong several times over with her strength and determination to beat her life expectancy odds. She has now been approved to travel and hopes to one day attend a Disney cruise. Her quality of life has greatly improved with her health strides including her doctor’s release to participate in aqua therapy again. Gillian finds joy in participating in family activities like painting the walls to renovate her bedroom. Gillian absolutely adores the new family pet – a baby kitten named Stitch, who she loves to play with. It’s so sweet how Stitch is not scared of any of her medical equipment or the noises they make, and he prefers to snooze cuddled up on top of his best friend Gillian.

Gillian recently attended an exciting event – the Night to Shine Prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. She had a wonderful time at this beautiful night out. She will also be attending the North Texas Angels Pageant this spring. Gillian has accomplished so much and she still wants to reach for more. Gillian and her family may soon join a bowling league and they enjoy attending skating events together. As you can see, health challenges can’t keep this family down. They work very hard to live life to its fullest and find joy in the journey.

“Gillian is honored to have been chosen to be an Epic Superstar. We are very loyal and grateful to Epic for all that they have done for Gillian. Many of her nurses are like family to us, and we don’t know what we would do without their hard work caring for her every day. Gillian is well loved and she knows she plays a very important part in her family, school, and community. Her smile lights up any room, and sends warmth to anyone she meets. Her hugs are priceless, and quite often what I look forward to waking up to,” says Gillian’s mother.

We, Epic Health Services, are so proud of Gillian and we look forward to helping her continue her health successes.

Gillian Deans’ Night to Shine Prom