July 26, 2012

news-mallorys-miracle-07-2012Please join Epic in helping find a cure! Epic’s very own Mallory Salazar is a 5-year-old girl with Tay-Sachs Disease, a rare genetic disorder that affects the nerve cells in the brain. In honor of her 5th Birthday and Tay-Sachs Awareness Month in Texas, her mother, Jennifer Salazar is reaching out to family and friends to help raise money for Mallory’s Miracle.

Jennifer is asking that a $6 donation be made…$5 for Mallory’s Birthday and $1 for the cure. It has been a very rough year for Mallory, but nevertheless, she continues to fight in hope for a cure!!!

Please be sure to visit Mallory’s Official Fundraising Page and Mallory’s Support Group Page on Facebook.