June 6, 2014

news-epic-pediatric-home-health-care-tyler-texas-skilled-nursing-private-duty-nursing-success-story-0If you met Jax Ford today, you would never know the challenges he has had to overcome in his life. Instead, you would just focus on the energetic 3-year-old little boy who loves trucks, dancing and climbing.

For the first 17 months of his life, Jax was bedridden and received continuous feedings via a gastric jejunal (GJ) tube.

And for the past three years, he has received in-home pediatric skilled nursing services from Epic’s Tyler, Texas, office.

When our nurses first met Jax’s dad, Matt, they asked him what he wanted for his son. He said he wanted Jax out of bed enjoying the things other kids enjoy such as playtime.

news-epic-pediatric-home-health-care-tyler-texas-skilled-nursing-private-duty-nursing-success-story-1Within the first two weeks of providing care, the nurses were getting Jax out of bed and placing him in an exersaucer that he could sit in. As a result, Jax learned to grab things and move around.

He also started looking forward to getting out of bed for playtime, which was evident by the big smile on his face.

On the advice of an Epic nurse, Jax’s parents spoke to his doctor about transitioning him to a gastrostomy tube (g-tube) so he could receive bolus feedings and enjoy increased mobility.

news-epic-pediatric-home-health-care-tyler-texas-skilled-nursing-private-duty-nursing-success-story-4The doctor agreed, and the transition was a success.

As of today, Jax has been on a g-tube for over a year. He is also crawling, standing and climbing on everything he can see!

Although Jax can’t speak, he understands and responds to questions via sign language.

Overall, he’s a very happy, active and smart little boy. His parents couldn’t be happier.

news-epic-pediatric-home-health-care-tyler-texas-skilled-nursing-private-duty-nursing-success-story-5“I encourage anyone who has children who may need home health care to go with Epic Health Services,” said Matt. “Their nurses are the best in the business! Thank you, all!”

We are so excited for Jax, and we look forward to being a part of his continued progress!

Thank you so much to the Ford family for sharing Jax’s story with us.