August 2, 2012

news-home-health-care-services-children-texas-08-2012Epic Health Services takes pride in caring for all of our patients’ needs. We have had the honor to take care of one patient named Alexandria Orsot and continue to feel grateful that her mother decided to choose Epic as her home health care provider. Alexandria’s story is very unique, and for this reason we would like to highlight her family.

Diane Orsot is Alexandria’s adoptive mother. Diane was Alexandria’s nurse at a foster home for four years before deciding to adopt her. After speaking with Ms. Orsot, she said that she just simply fell in love with Alexandria because she had the “prettiest smile” and decided to start the adoption process. Although her decision to adopt Alexandria came easy, the process took her 17 months to complete. At the time Texas was implementing a new type of adoption called “Enhanced Adoption,” an adoption that is geared toward medically fragile children out of foster homes. The new process could not have come at a better time for Ms. Orsot and her family.

This fall, at the end of August, Alexandria will have been with the Orsot family for two years. Ms. Orsot is extremely happy with her daughter. She also has custody of her two grandchildren, Gaby and Nicki, who both love Alexandria and are constantly reading to her and get along great. Alexandria has progressed tremendously since her adoption was made final, and Ms. Orsot is proud to be her mother. As Epic continues to grow, we are delighted to have the Orsot family be part of the Epic family.