March 11, 2017

Jonathan's Landscape Asperger's syndrome

Jonathan Stewart is an Epic Health Services employee who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Jonathan uses art as a means of expression and therapy. Jonathan hopes that his contributions will encourage patients to believe in themselves and strive for their dreams – just like he is doing every day!

It’s time to spring forward into daylight savings time! Jonathan is here to share his experiences, advice, and his responsibilities to help us all prepare for the upcoming changes.

“Part excited, part stunned.”

Just like any other event, the daylight savings time change takes quite a bit of preparation for me. When I first heard about what happens during this particular change I was part excited and also part stunned. Being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, I don’t adjust to changes very easy, but taking the time to sit down and prepare is always the best approach for me. At first it didn’t make sense to me, it seemed like something that would not be valuable until I took the time to properly understand why it happened. In my free time I took a trip to the library with my parents and picked up all the books I could find regarding this particular change. Once I understood why this event happened and its beginnings, I started becoming a little less stunned and started leaning a little more towards excitement.

“Will this affect my schedule?”

While reading books to understand why the time change happens did help, I was still a bit nervous. My routine is very important and without it I would honestly be a little lost. I needed to confirm with everyone that all my appointments and schedules would not change. I spoke with my swim coach and reminded him of the time change to make sure nobody would be confused. Taking the extra step to talk to everyone around me was very important. It also allowed me to share with everyone what I had learned about this exciting change.

These days maybe going to the library might not be that popular, but good thing we have options like YouTube and other informative websites to learn more about things like this, with parent supervision of course. Sometimes even the smallest changes can throw off your entire day, especially when you have adjusted to your schedule as much as I have.  From my point of view, keeping everyone involved and prepared are still the key things to understanding new obstacles.