November 4, 2011

new-medically-fragile-children-11-2011Every parent loves to celebrate their child’s birthday. And I don’t think I’ve ever met a child that doesn’t enjoy having a special birthday party.

For families with medically fragile children, birthdays can be even more precious and are never taken for granted. Many of our pediatric clients face multiple medical challenges. It can take years, after a child is born, for pediatricians and disease specialists to completely and accurately diagnose a child’s condition(s). This is a very stressful time for new parents who desperately want to understand their child’s illness(es) and related prognosis.

Medicine is, at times, an art and a science. Sometimes the doctors get it wrong, which can be a good thing. Epic’s client, Lindsey F., recently celebrated her 11th birthday and had a wonderful party with a princess theme. When sharing Lindsey’s picture with us, her mom said, “We are very excited to celebrate her 11th…..she was only given six months to live when born….proved them wrong huh?!”

Sometimes it’s so right to be wrong! Our entire Epic family wishes Princess Lindsey a very happy 11th birthday – and many more.