April 10, 2015


Meet a Member of the Epic Family: Jack

It’s always exciting to watch a child grow and develop, but even more so when you know the challenges he has had to overcome.

Meet Jack, an 8-year-old little boy who loves soccer, basketball, running, Legos and participating in Boy Scouts.

Jack was diagnosed with autism when he was 18 months old.

At 2 years old, Jack began displaying severe aggression and limited language skills. He was receiving treatment for 25-35 hours each week and only functioning at an 18-month-old level.

Upon doing some internet research, his mom, Jackie, contacted our newly acquired company, Clarity Service Group, for a functional behavior assessment for her son.

At the time, Jack had been diagnosed as moderate on the spectrum.

Using full-time applied behavior analysis (ABA) and language principles, Clarity developed a treatment plan for Jack at school and home, which was overseen by a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA).

As his language capabilities increased, his aggression significantly decreased.

Now, Jack is in the second grade and has an IQ that is near the gifted range. His autism is now considered mild on the spectrum.

“Jack is an example of how ABA therapy can significantly improve outcomes,” said Kathleen Stengel, CEO and BCBA of Clarity. “Jack is an example of how intense appropriate and individualized ABA intervention improved his ability to learn from his environment and maximize reinforcement with his neurotypical peers.”

He continues to receive direct instruction on social skills, interaction and language from Clarity. He’s able to put into practice what he’s learned with other children.

A couple months ago, he even led a trivia session at the school talent show.

“Jack is the poster child for intense, early and appropriate intervention,” said Jackie. “Clarity was the only agency that understood how to develop a comprehensive plan of treatment that helped him both at school and home.”

We are so proud of Jack and the progress he has made in therapy, and we look forward to his bright future!

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